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Tips for Choosing Outdoor Furniture for Perth Weather Conditions

Jan 9

Outdoor furniture can help to enhance the beauty of your Perth home and outdoor living space while also providing comfort and functionality. A quality selection of outdoor furniture needs to be able to withstand the ever-changing weather conditions in Perth and provide long-term and reliable use. To make an informed decision when selecting outdoor furniture for a Perth home, it is important to understand the weather conditions, research material durability and longevity, consider sun protection and UV resistance, maintenance and cleaning tips, optimizing space and versatility, and budget-friendly options without compromising quality.


Understanding Perth Weather Conditions

Perth, Western Australia, is a coastal city that experiences hot summers and cool winters. During the summer months, the humidity level increases and temperatures rise as high as 40°C. In Perth's winter months, the weather can be unpredictable, with occasional rain and temperatures that range from 0°C to 23°C. Any outdoor furniture selected should be suitable for hot summers, rain showers, and cool winter days.

Material Selection for Durability and Longevity

UV resistant materials are essential when purchasing outdoor furniture in Perth, as strong sunlight can quickly fade the colour and weaken the structure of some materials. Aluminium and steel are highly durable, lightweight and do not rust easily. These materials are ideal for outdoor furniture as they are impervious to the elements and provide great stability and strength. However, aluminium and steel can become hot in the direct sun, making them unsuitable for sunbaking. Wicker furniture is a great choice as it is lightweight, durable and visually appealing. The fibres are UV treated, rot and mildew resistant, and they last longer in wet weather than untreated fibre.

Consideration for Sun Protection and UV Resistance

Protecting outdoor furniture from the harsh Australian sun is important. Consider using an outdoor umbrella to provide shade or selecting outdoor furniture with fabric treatments that offer high levels of UV protection and water repellency. Outdoor fabrics with a higher thread count are designed to resist fading and are more durable in wet weather compared to lower thread count fabrics. Aluminium framed furniture with synthetic wicker weaves is designed to stand up to the intense Perth conditions.

Maintenance and Cleaning Tips

It is important to maintain outdoor furniture in order to minimise damage caused by winds, dust, rain and sunshine. Regularly clean furniture with mild detergent and warm water and leave to air dry. Upholstery covers can be removed and washed in lukewarm water for deep cleaning. Protective coverings can be stored when not in use to protect furniture from dust and pollen. If storing furniture outdoors, cover it with plastic sheets or tarps during heavy rain or snowfall.

Space Optimisation and Versatility

When selecting outdoor furniture, it is important to think about how much space is available for seating and entertaining, as well as how the furniture will be used. Space optimising furniture includes daybeds and corner suites, which can provide comfort and style without taking up too much space. Benches, chairs and tables are essential outdoor furniture pieces and can be used in various arrangements depending on the number of guests. Multi-functional furniture such as ottomans, footstools and planters with storage space provide extra seating, storage capabilities and stylish decor.

Budget-Friendly Options Without Compromising Quality

When considering budget-friendly options for outdoor furniture, it is important to remember that quality cannot be compromised. Second-hand furniture purchased from online marketplaces, antique dealers or resale outlets can help you stay within budget, however, these items may not be suitable for Perth’s climate. Plastic, wicker, and metal furniture is often more affordable than timber furniture and often last longer when exposed to the elements. You can also save money by opting for outdoor furniture packages rather than buying individual pieces.


Outdoor furniture can transform a Perth home. Although it is important to select furniture that is suitable for harsh weather conditions, it is also important to keep in mind space optimisation, budget and aesthetic appeal. Quality materials such as aluminium, steel and wicker are recommended for long-term durability and to minimise fading from sun exposure. Maintenance and cleaning regimes are essential to maintain the longevity and beauty of your outdoor furniture.