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Top 5 Caravanning Accessories

Oct 12

Modern Caravans come with a load of inbuilt features and extras to make life on the road as easy and relaxing as possible. However you soon realise this is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to RV accessories. A trip to a Caravan & Leisure show or a snoop around the local caravan park can reveal hundreds of new gadgets you wished you had. Even seasoned caravanners will find something new to get after their latest trip. Here’s a list of our top 5 caravan accessories for 2018 including some great new innovations designed to make you’re next adventure the best it can be.

  1. Caravan Privacy Screens

Making their debut a number of years ago, Caravan Privacy Screens have increased substantially in popularity to become the number 1 RV accessory. Made out of shade cloth and designed for the long and end walls, these provide shade and privacy, are easy to set up and inexpensive. Most come with a 1.8m drop but the newly released Campsmart XD range (extra drop) provide even more coverage and are great the increasing number of taller Off-Road RVs. The new black privacy screens also look particularly smart on modern RVs with black checker plating and decals.

  1. Caravan Annexe Matting

Having your roof and sides covered is great but flooring under your annexe covering up dirt, sticks and stones provides extra comfort under foot while keeping your caravan cleaner (by reducing the debris being dragged into it). Modern matting is mostly made of breathable synthetic mesh or foamed PVC which are grass friendly while also allowing sand and fine particle to fall through the matting. The CGear multi-mats top our list of outdoor flooring due to their unique dual layer system which allows fine sand and dirt to fall through without anything coming back up. Great for seaside sandy sites and the fine outback dirt alike!

  1. Curved Awning Rafters & Anti Flap Devices

Designed to strengthen your awning and reduced noisy & damaging flapping, Curved awning Rafters and Anti Flap Devices have become increasingly popular. It’s no surprise given awning damage is the No. 1 insurance claim when it comes to RV related damage. Rafters and anti-flap kits or de-flappers can be used in conjunction to obtain the best result. Check out the newly released Series 3 curved awning rafters from Supex. These are Australia’s most popular rafters with the “Acute” curved rafter the No. 1 choice with Australia’s leading annexe manufacturers. They know a thing or 2 about protecting your awning!

  1. 15A to 10A Adapters with built in RCD

Gone are the days (we hope..) of filing down one side of a 15A extension lead to fit a 10A connection. Not only will this void insurance policies but it causes a significant risk of overloading & fire to the 10 amp circuit. Thankfully Ampfibian have produced a range of Australian Made 15A to 10A adapters to suit tradespeople and the RV community alike. These allow you to plug your 15A lead into the adapter which then connects to a domestic 10A circuit. As well as allowing a legal connection & protecting the 10A circuit, these adapters also come with built in RCD protection, adding another level of safety.

  1. Collapsible Silicone Kitchen Accessories

Appearing a little over a year ago, Collapsible Silicone accessories have exploded in popularity due to their lightweight and compacting nature. Space and weight is a primary concern for all Campers & Caravanners so these cool and colourful camp gadgets tick all the boxes. From Collapsible Laundry Baskets, Buckets & Containers to Kettles, Saucepans, Sinks & Dish Drainers the list of items available is growing day to day.